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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  September 24, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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neighborhood, far from the worries far from the world that put the children here. this setting is where one girl says in 2009 she was sexually abused by a staff member who now faces charges in connection with the case. >> case spiraled her out of control. the girl's attorney is suing them for emotional distress and negligence. he took her to this mall where he had a inappropriate conversation with her. >> you will be expected to do things as woman. let's talk about how you go about doing those things properly. >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> sexual things. the mother wrote an e-mail to them saying i have a growing concern about a staff member and the relationship shared between he and my daughter.
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she shared something disturbing with me. he says they ignored those things. a week later she was sexually abused and a week after that she was kicked off campus. we tried to talk to someone but were told they had no comment. the attorney says the charges back up his client's claims. >> the district attorney determined the information was reliable and they are using her information as a basis to criminally prosecute. >> reporter: earlier this summer they filed charges on behalf of three alleged victims. his crimes happened two years after this girl. noelle walker, ktvu channel 2 news. governor jerry brown signed bills into law to help prevent child sexual abuse. it was prompted by penn state
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sex abuse scandal. the bill requires coaches and administrators to report suspected child abuse. california laws already requires reporting by teachers. principal was arraigned on drug charges in san jose. police arrested eric dean lewis last thursday after he offered to supply drugs to a under cover officer. investigators later found methamphetamine and other drugs in his home. he did not enter a plea today. he is set to return to court on friday. protesters marched twice in the past week smashing windows and spraying graffiti. they are protesting police brutality but many say they have gone too far. ktvu's david stevenson is live in san francisco where the
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police chief is meeting with neighbors. david. >> reporter: that's right. right now san francisco's police chief is having the second of two town hall meetings about the officer involved shooting and the vandalism that came after it. >> reporter: residents and merchants shared their anger about the protest and vandalism sparked by a officer involved shooting. >> this is absolutely crazy. something has to be done. >> reporter: it happened after they recognized and pursued a man. investigators say an officer shot him twice after he pulled out this gun. police say he is in fair condition at the hospital and faces several felony charges. >> i want to thank the officers out there every day on the streets. >> still residents and police are rusterated by the pro--
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frustrated by the protesters here on thursday and friday nights. >> the word gets out that the cops are standing there. >> for the officers to move in and take action against a large group, they need to identify the suspect. >> this is unbelievable. how do you think we feel? >> reporter: he says he has been targeted twice by protesters and considering legal action. >> sometimes the best way to get action done is to put a lawsuit on the city and county of san francisco and the police department for not doing anything. >> reporter: police are asking anyone who could help identify those to call their tip line. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. has more on the officer involved shooting that sparked the protest and you can hear more from the town
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hall today. click on the story. in hayward police are investigating a officer involved shooting that left a suspect dead about 1:00 a.m. this morning near the bart station. officers were searching for a gunman at the dirty bird bar. investigators say the officers spotted what looked like the suspect's car. the driver then put the car in reverse and started coming towards the officers so they opened fire killing the driver. police haven't released the name yet. >> we investigated a number of officer involved shootings and the numbers are down. san francisco had 15 officer involved shootings in 2010 and 6 this year. san jose 4 in want to 10. 8 last year and -- 4 in 2010 and 8 last year. vallejo, two last year and 7
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this year. in oakland, six shootings in 2010. 5 last year and three this year. jerry hill is praising governor jerry brown for signing into law three laws stemming from the pipeline explosion. the laws require the cpuc to limit bonuses for pg&e executives and better evaluate safety performance. >> this will give them the tools to refocus pg&e's priorities from profit to safety. >> last year he sponsored legislation requiring safety valves on pipelines and giving x release to the victims. res dependents are hearing the -- residents are hearing the latest into safety practs
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at chevron refinery. coming -- practice at chevron refinery. coming up ktvu's cara liu will join us live from the community meeting. fundraisers for flight 93 say they are short on cash. flight 93 was bound for san francisco when terrorist took over the plane. the first phase of the memorial at the crash site has been completed but family of the victims say $5 million is needed to finish the flight 93 memmier -- memorial. scientists are seeing if japanese tsunami debris has come aboard. ktvu's health and science editor john fowler has more. >> reporter: you can see the occasional bit of plastic on
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the beach but volunteers cleared beaches from santa cruz to monterey. >> reporter: in a warehouse they call the trash lab researchers went through a tiny fraction of the 8-tons volunteers picked up. >> our beaches are bees used heavily and we are still leaving stuff behind. >> shoes, socks, cans, bottles, all kinds of stuff. you name it, we can find it on the beach. >> reporter: they are on the look out for debris from the japanese sunomy. -- tsunami. >> someone was eating on the beach and left it there. >> 1.5 million tons swept out to sea from japan.
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officials said a dozen confirmed from japan. none in california. >> it is a big ocean. much can sink. it is phenomenal that individual items will find their ways to the shores. >> reporter: researchers were identifying dangerous stuff. >> getting a better understanding of the hazards out there. >> reporter: scientists are hoping to convince manufacturers and policy makers to protect our oceans from our trash. health and science editor john fowler ktvu channel 2 news. the company that makes apple's iphone suspended production at a factory in china after a massive brawl. >> the fight involving 2,000 employees erupted last night. this is video from youtube showing the scene. 40 people were hurt which did
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not appear to be work related and that halt comes at a critical time for apple that has 3-4 weeks worth of back orders for the iphone 5. they sold more than 5 million in the first three days. san francisco leaders are set to vote tomorrow on a plan to make the city home to some of the tiniest apartments in the country. the proposal allows construction of apartments as small as 220 square feet. supporters say that would provide affordable housing for many single residents but critics saytled boost population and strain the city's resources. county connection secured a half million dollars in federal grant money for new electric trolleys. the trolleys will replace the
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diesel trolleys on route 4 in the downtown area. that is the free ride from the bart station to the broughtway plaza shopping center. -- broadway plaza shopping center. >> resident tells us chevron can expect more tough questions. >> i am back here in a couple minutes, fog along the coast but things warm up, how warm it will get as we move into the five-day forecast, i will have the forecast in 10 minutes. this is a lot of food for 4 bucks.
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only on 2, a new poll shows california voters are split down the middle on a plan to repeal the death penalty. 42% said they would vote yes, on proposition 34. which would make them life in
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prison without the possibility of patrol. 45% said they would vote to keep the death penalty in place. researchers say the study shows big differences. supporters were mostly democrats and independents. those opposed were mostly republicans. chevron said they pinpointed the cause of the fire that made hundreds of people sick. happening now ktvu's cara liu is live where neighbors are meeting with officials to get -- officials to get the latest on it safety passengers. >> reporter: i checked and there were 120 people inside right now for the community meeting that just got underway. earlier this afternoon the general manager told us they think they know the cause of the fire august 6, that is something they plan to share. he blames corrosion for the
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thinning of the pipe and low silicone content may have been a contributing factor. he has less to offer about the investigation by the epa. >> this scandal has broken. i want to know what they have to say for themselves. >> it is clearly very serious to have a pipe that is not monitored for flaring that whether it is intentional or negligent, is serious either way. the investigation was opened after a investigation discovered they were routing gases without property monitoring. when asked why or how that happened it was tough to get a straight answer. >> i can't explain. that is what the investigation will establish with the epa.
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so that investigation is still ongoing. will that is worked through i rather not comment. >> reporter: a community meeting between chevron, investigators and residents just got underway. in the past we have seen fire works at these things. we are monitoring the meeting and we will bring you a report at 10:00 p.m. cara liu, ktvu channel 2 news. the city of san ramon is a hot spot for job growth. ge gave us a peak that technology they are developing. it is technology that could bring more jobs to the east bay. right now 200 people work there but there is space for another 200 by the end of the year. >> these are high end jobs. so those jobs will have impact. >> well trained, highly
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educated individuals. >> the mayor sees this as a renaissance. the expansion along with chevron and at&t could be enough to develop a new downtown. oakland's pandora is backing a bill to cut the price it must pay to stream music online. the act was introduced today. it would reduce the rates online music services must play to play songs to the same price radio companies pay. they pay 50% of revenue to music royalties and this would establish a level playing field. one person died in a wildfire that destroyed several homes in san diego county. the fire started yesterday near the boarder. officials found the body of a 82-year-old man. the fire destroyed 20 homes and charred 2,000 acres. right now dozens of other homes
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are still threatened. the fire is 40% contained and the cause is under investigation. >> smoke this week. controlled burns were conducted today in antioch. it is part of a effort to remove fire hazard and train firefighters. the smoke can be seen from antioch, oakly and brentwood. the burns will continue tomorrow and friday. we got fog out there right now. patchy long the coast and it will be around in the morning. a peak here and i will show you the fog by the golden gate bridge. across the bay too. oakland 64 degrees. clear over there. a few high clouds in the area. the forecast tomorrow, more of the same. these are the current temperatures. 82 antioch. 80 in concord.
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these are the observed highs today from the national weather service. 87 fairfield. touching up on 90 degrees in the warmest areas. highs tomorrow, look like these. tuesday expect what we had today. if you had fog today, you will have the same kind of pattern tomorrow. temperatures mainly in the 70s. extended forecast, things stay in a warm pattern. as we go through the week, temperatures trend up a little bit. right now 90s. if the holds out it might get warmer and might have fire concerns late into the weekend, next week. way off. not right now. right now good pattern. 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, patchy fog. patches here. half moon bay. that is it. the fog is minimal tomorrow. and forecast highs tomorrow,
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just almost similar to today. mid-60s in downtown san francisco. berkeley, low 70s. walnut creak, livermore, morgan hill, mid-80s. and even upper 80s towards discovery bay and vacaville and fairfield. 90 in clear lake. 87 in fairfield. 75 vallejo. 87 antioch. above average and warm. it will be a nice, fall like day. up side is it is not so warm and hot that we are concerned about red flag warnings. enjoyable pattern. we can enjoy it without fire. but that could change towards the end of the weekend. you see the bay area weekend, nice weekend. warms up on sunday. beyond that a potential for inside with that could be a problem for us. this is the time of the year, fire danger. >> something to keep an eye on.
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>> thank you. coming up on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36 a peanut butter recall we told you about this weekend is expanding. the new link among dozens of brands. also -- >> getting from a to b can be challenging, coming up the new water taxi service. join us for these stories and more on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36. it was a brutal helmet to helmet hit. the prognosis for darrius heyward-bey, now suffering from a concussion on that play.
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. one of the largest wind repowering projects in the country held a blade signing ceremony today. the project replaces older wind turbines with ones that produce 30 times more power. leaders and neighbors were invited to put their signatures on the new blades. once completed electricity will be told to pg&e. so far so good for the a's? >> oh, yeah.
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managers can't down play the importance of a particular game and the next four games are huge for the a's against the rangers, four games in front of them, in first place. things looking good. he lifts one up and over the wall in left center with a man on. his 8th of the year, 2-0. watch where that landed, the same place from yoenis cespedes. his 21. they are going to the top of the fourth, the a's are leading 3-1. they are in control of the wildcard situation. mean time, we love football but when you see a brutal hit like yesterday, it makes you take a step or two back. raiders wide receiver darrius heyward-bey drilled up high by the steelers defensive backfield yesterday. body limp as he lay motionless for several minutes. you couldn't help fear. but happy to report he was released from the hospital
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today after spending the night for observation. he is resting at home and should make a full recovery. >> sounded tired. yeah. sounded tired. but he is doing okay. he was in good spirits. doing fine. >> tough, violent, physical game. you never want to see your teammate or even the opposing team get carted off. unfortunate thing that goes long with the game. i think as players we understand that. >> glad to hear he is doing better. vote for this week's high school game of the week. is the place. six match-ups to choose from. if you see your school up there, get on it. we will feature your game saturday night and the giants
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clinched saturday, they are off today before they host arizona later this week. that is the sporting life for monday evening. >> all right. thank you. >> ktvu viewers are celebrating the giants division win. she sent us this photo of two very happy young fans. >> and this picture of at&t park during one of the games this weekend. send us your pictures. e-mail us or post them to our facebook page. >> and thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news.
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